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How to Enable SMB File Sharing in Windows 10

How to enable, disable, and check the current running version of the SMB file sharing protocol in Windows 10.

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How to Change the Default Video Player in Windows 10 & MacOS

How to change the default video player in Windows 10 and MacOS. How to set VLC as the default media player on Windows and Mac.

Font in Computer Program

How to Add a Font to Microsoft Paint

How to add a new font to Microsoft Paint. How to download a font from Google Fonts and install and use it in Microsoft Paint.

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How to Add Missing Microsoft Print to PDF to Windows 10

Is your Windows 10 computer missing Microsoft Print to PDF? Here’s how to enable this optional feature and install it as a printer.

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How to Create a Shortcut to Sound Settings in Windows 10

How to create a shortcut to Sound Settings in Windows 10 for quick access to changing audio devices in just a few clicks.

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Windows 10 Reputation Based Protection – What is it & How to Enable it

What is Reputation Based Protection in Windows 10 and how to enable or disable it.