How to Enable & Disable Fuel Efficient Routes in Google Maps

Google Maps is rolling out an update to its navigation algorithm that will allow it to calculate how fuel efficient a route is. In fact, if the estimated time of arrival is similar to the faster route, it will prefer and default to the most eco-friendly one.

Google Maps will use factors like elevation, traffic, and the number of stops to determine which route is the most green. Google hopes that this update will help users be better able to reduce their environmental footprint while saving money on gas.

They’re not forcing the option on anyone though. When you begin navigation, a green leaf icon might appear next to your route and the ETA. This icon indicates that this route is the most eco-friendly option, but you can always select the faster route instead.

They even allow users to disable the option entirely in the Google Maps settings. In this article, we’ll show you how to enable & disable fuel efficient routes in Google Maps.

What does the Green Leaf Icon mean in Google Maps?

The green leaf icon in Google Maps indicates that you are on the most fuel efficient route to your destination. It appears next to both the route and the estimated time of arrival.

How to Enable & Disable Fuel Efficient Routes in Google Maps

Fuel efficient routes should be enabled by default on most devices using the Google Maps app, but if you want to enable / disable it you can do so in the navigation settings. Here’s how to get there, and turn it on or off:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your Android / iOS device and begin navigating to any destination.
  2. Swipe up on the panel at the bottom and tap Settings.
    Google Maps Mobile App Settings in Bottom Navigation Panel Menu
  3. Scroll down to Route options and tap Prefer fuel-efficient routes to toggle the setting on or off.
    Google Maps Mobile App Prefer Fuel Efficient Route in Navigation Settings

Final Thoughts

Google is making great strides in helping people understand our environmental impact through their Google Maps and Google Earth products. Google will soon be adding a new layer to Google Maps that shows wildfire locations and their boundaries, as well as updating its tree canopy tool.

If you’re interested in saving time and fuel, then check out our other article on how to search for places along a route in Google Maps.

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