How to Enable / Disable the Pop-up Blocker in Microsoft Edge

Pop-up blockers are a great way to keep annoying pop-ups at bay. Most web browsers have some kind of pop-up blocker and enable it by default. Sometimes though, a website needs you to allow pop-ups for it to work correctly. It’s always better to allow pop-ups on a specific site than it is to disable the pop-up blocker entirely, but we’ll show you how to do both in Microsoft Edge below.

How to Enable or Disable the Pop-up Blocker in Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge, click the 3 dots at the upper right corner and select Settings.

Microsoft Edge Settings Option

Click Site permissions on the left side of the screen and then select Pop-ups and redirects at the right.

Microsoft Edge Pop-up Blocker and Redirects in Settings

Enable or Disable the pop-up blocker by using the toggle at the right of Block.

Note: It’s always better to allow pop-ups for only a specific site rather than disabling the pop-up blocker entirely! Pop-up blockers help keep you and your computer safe when browsing online by blocking potentially malicious pop-ups. Continue on to the next section to find out how to do that instead (seriously – it’s a lot easier than it sounds).

Microsoft Edge Disable / Enable Pop-up Blocker

How to Disable the Pop-up Blocker for Specific Sites Only

Continuing from the Pop-ups and redirects settings above, click the Add button to the right of Allow.

Microsoft Edge Disable Pop-up Blocker for Specific Sites

Type [*.] where is the domain of the website you want to allow pop-ups for and click Add. If you wanted to allow pop-ups on this site, for example, you would type [*.]

Microsoft Edge Allow Pop-ups for Specific Site

You can also block specific sites by adding them to the Block section instead.

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