How to Whitelist a Website in uBlock Origin, Adblock, and Others

Ad blocking software is great for removing unwanted ads and even reducing load times on certain web pages. Unfortunately they can also block a little too much, causing the page to not work correctly. Some websites will even block access if ad blocking software is detected. In cases like these, it may be necessary to whitelist a website and allow this content to load.

This tutorial assumes that you are using uBlock Origin or Adblock / Adblock Plus. The steps we will cover should apply to both Firefox and Google Chrome extensions.

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How to Whitelist a Website in uBlock Origin

Step 1: Left click the uBlock Origin extension and click the settings icon that looks like 3 horizontal sliders (hovering it will show Open the dashboard)

uBlock Origin options icon

Step 2: Click the Whitelist tab on the newly opened Options page

uBlock Origin options whitelist tab

Step 3: Type the domain name ( you wish to whitelist at the bottom of the list of whitelisted items

Note: Don’t delete anything in the blue text, just add the domain below it.

uBlock Origin options whitelisted domains

Step 4: Click Apply Changes

uBlock Origin options apply changes

Step 5: If you made the change while on the website you’re whitelisting, refresh the page.

How to Whitelist a Website in Adblock

Step 1: Left click the Adblock extension and click Don't run on pages on this site

Adblock left click menu whitelist

Step 2: In the new window that appears, click the Exclude button

Adblock whitelist menu

There is no need to refresh with Adblock as it refreshes the page for you.

How to Whitelist a Website in Adblock Plus

Step 1: Left click the Adblock Plus extension and click the Gear / Cog icon

Adblock Plus left click menu

Step 2: Click the Whitelisted websites tab (on the left) on the newly opened Settings page

Adblock Plus settings menu

Step 3: Type the domain name ( you wish to whitelist in the Add Website field

Adblock Plus whitelist website field

Step 4: Click Add Website

Adblock Plus add website button

Step 5: If you made the change while on the website you’re whitelisting, refresh the page.

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