How to Loop a YouTube Playlist for Repeat Play

How to Loop a YouTube playlist on Desktop

Playlists on YouTube actually have a loop button built in, but it’s pretty easy to miss. Here’s how to loop an entire playlist from the beginning directly on YouTube.

Step 1: If you don’t already have a playlist of YouTube videos, find a few and add them to a playlist by using the Save option under each video

YouTube video save button
YouTube video save menu

Step 2: Open your playlist and click the Play All button above the Playlist name

YouTube open playlist
YouTube playlist play all

Step 3: On the playlist page, look at the right side of the screen for the playlist name and the videos underneath it

YouTube playlist location

Step 4: Click the loop icon directly under the name of your playlist and above the list of videos

YouTube playlist loop icon

When loop is enabled, the repeat icon will turn to a blue color.

YouTube playlist loop enabled

Your playlist should now repeat from the beginning when the last video has finished playing.

How to Loop a YouTube Playlist on Mobile

You can also create and loop playlists on mobile via the YouTube App. If you want to loop a single video you can create a new playlist and add only one video to it. When the playlist repeats, it will replay the only video in the playlist.

Step 1: Find a video you want to repeat in a playlist

Step 2: Tap the Save button at the bottom of the video and save it to a new playlist or an existing one

Save Video to New Playlist YouTube Mobile

Step 3: Go back to the app’s homepage and tap the Library button at the bottom right

Step 4: Select the playlist you added the video to and then tap the video to start playing it

Select Playlist YouTube Mobile App

Step 5: While the video is playing tap the down arrow under the video and to the right of your playlist’s name

Step 6: Tap the Repeat icon at the far left

Loop Button in Playlist on YouTube Mobile App

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