How to Enable Always on Top for Zoom Meetings

Many of us who attend Zoom meetings regularly are likely also doing a lot of multitasking. This usually involves moving the Zoom window around or minimizing it all together. These solutions work okay, but you end up either bouncing between your work and the Zoom window or with a “mini-meeting” window floating around somewhere on your screen.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your meeting up while multitasking on background tasks? Luckily, Always on Top is a feature that does exactly this – here’s how to enable it for a Zoom meeting.

How to Enable Always on Top in Zoom on Windows 10

During a Zoom meeting, click the blue Zoom icon at the upper left of the meeting window and then click Keep on Top.

Zoom Meeting Enable Always on Top

How to Enable Always on Top / Float on Top on a Mac

Apple users also have an “Always on Top” option but it’s called “Float on Top” instead.

In the Menu bar at the top of your screen, click Meeting and then select Float on Top.

Apple Mac Enable Always on Top / Float on Top for Zoom

8 thoughts on “How to Enable Always on Top for Zoom Meetings”

  1. But does this have to be done for each meeting? I don’t find the “Meeting” in my menu bar unless I’ve already joined one. I want to enable this feature for all meetings.

  2. This does not seem to work in my work situation. I connect to Work through Citrix WorkSpace on my home computer and, because my company does not allow us to access ZOOM on my Work computer, I have to connect on ZOOM through my home computer as well. For some strange reason this “Always on Top” does not seem to work with Citrix. I have a three monitor setup and would like to move the ZOOM window around without loosing it (hidden behind Citrix) when I need to multitask between work screens. Any Ideas?


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