How to Adjust the Volume in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

The only thing worse than a dull meeting, is one where you’re struggling to hear or keep your headphones on. Microsoft Teams has the ability to adjust volume settings while in a meeting, but it’s not exactly clear where these settings are. Here’s how to raise or lower the volume in a Teams meeting.

How to Adjust Volume in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

You can adjust the volume of your speakers or headphones in a Microsoft Teams meeting using the volume controls under Device Settings. Here’s how, step-by-step:

  1. While in a Teams meeting, click the 3 dots in the Options bar at the top and select Device settings.
    Microsoft Teams Device Settings in Ellipsis Menu
  2. Under Device settings at the right, use the Volume slider below Speaker to lower or raise the volume.
    Microsoft Teams Adjust Speakers Volume Bar in Device Settings

Unfortunately you can’t adjust microphone levels in Teams just yet. You can, however, adjust both output and input volume in Windows Sound Settings. We cover more about doing that below.

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Raise/Lower Microsoft Teams Volume via the Windows Volume Mixer

If you’re unable to adjust the volume in the Teams client, then you can always use the Windows Volume Mixer instead.

  1. Right click the Speaker icon at the bottom right of your computer’s task bar and select Open Volume Mixer.
    Windows 10 Open Volume Mixer
  2. Find Teams in the Volume Mixer and use the Volume slider to raise or lower the volume.
    Microsoft Teams in Windows Volume Mixer

Adjusting Microphone Levels for Microsoft Teams Meetings

Unfortunately, you can’t change levels or the sensitivity of your microphone in the Device settings of Microsoft Teams. You can adjust your microphone’s level (volume) using Windows Sound Settings though:

  1. Right click the Speaker icon at the bottom right corner of the Taskbar and select Recording devices.
    Windows 10 Recording Devices in Speaker Icon Right Click Menu
  2. In the Sound window that appears, right click your microphone (it should have a green checkmark next to it) and select Properties.
    Windows 10 Sound Settings with Properties Selected on Microphone in Right Click Menu
  3. Click the Levels tab and use the Volume slider to adjust the volume of your microphone.
    Microphone Volume Slider in Microphone Properties

33 thoughts on “How to Adjust the Volume in a Microsoft Teams Meeting”

  1. Moving the slider up or down dosent change the volume for me and the slider resets to the center the moment i close the device settings. Any idea how to fix this?

  2. You would think TEAMS would have a volume button/slider, like all other apps and devices. Gary Kildall would never hav let this happen.

  3. Sound settings (searched in the bar, should say ‘control panel’ under the right one) and then under the “Communications” Tab I found my problem. “When Windows detects communications activity: And the option “Reduce other sound volumes by 80%” was checked.

    So having skype open likely made windows think teams was needing to be quiet. Helpful, but not helpful

    Best wishes mates

  4. I had an issue with very low volumes, while using PC Speaker for Teams calls. Seems to have been resolved as follows:
    in System Sound Settings in Control Panel, go into Device Properties. There is a setting for Spatial Sound Format. This has a dropdown box, with options for “Off”, or “Windows Sonic for Headphones”. “Off” was selected as default.
    Select the “Sonic” option, then select “Off” again. This has doubled my call volume.

    • I FOUND IT! (for my android phone)

      My issue: I can’t control Teams volume during a call. Physical buttons do not work. There is no “calls” volume slider in Android’s volume settings.

      Solution: During a call, minimize Teams app or go to the participants menu. Now the volume is adjustable – the “call” slider appears in volume settings and the physical buttons work.

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately I don’t have access to a Mac to test this… if you find out, please let me know and I’ll gladly add a section for Mac to the article!

      • On my MacBook Air, the Teams volume is coupled to system volume. So no, does not appear to be possible.

        My hack – add another audio device just for Teams, and select that as the output in the app. I’m using a cheap BT headset.

        You can keep a different sound output for the rest of the system, e.g. built-in speakers.

        • You can also go to settings: Audio App settings and there ou can fine (in my case) 3 Teams app Icons, and just try to adjust them and you will see you can look it up in soundmixer too

          (one icon could not be adjusted on my pc)


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