Microsoft Teams Adjust Volume Sliders

How to Adjust the Volume in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

The only thing worse than a meeting that’s already pretty dull is one where you’re struggling to hear or keep your headphones on. Microsoft Teams has the ability to adjust volume settings while in a meeting but it’s not exactly clear where these settings are. Here’s how to raise or lower the volume in a Teams meeting.

Adjust Volume in the Teams Desktop Client

Step 1: While in a Teams meeting, click the 3 dots in the options bar and select Show device settings

Microsoft Teams Show Device Settings Option

Step 2: In Device Settings at the right of the Teams meeting, adjust the volume bar under Speaker to lower or raise the volume

Microsoft Teams Adjust Volume Sliders

Adjust Volume via the Windows Volume Mixer

If you’re unable to adjust the volume in the Teams client, then you can always use the Windows volume mixer instead.

Step 1: Right click the speaker icon at the bottom right of your computer’s task bar and select Open Volume Mixer

Windows 10 Open Volume Mixer

Step 2: Find Teams in the Volume Mixer and use the slider to raise or lower the volume

Microsoft Teams in Windows Volume Mixer
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