How to Adjust Volume in a Zoom Meeting

When attending a Zoom meeting, it’s important to make sure your sound is working properly. The only thing worse than a long, mundane, meeting is one where you can’t hear or be heard easily.

Thankfully, Zoom allows you to adjust the volume of both input and output devices. In this article, we’ll show you how to adjust the volume of your headphones, speakers, and microphone in a Zoom meeting.

How to Lower / Raise Volume in a Zoom Meeting

You can lower or raise the volume of your headset, speakers, or microphone in the Audio Settings of Zoom.

  1. While in a Zoom meeting, hover over the window so that the Meeting controls appear
    Zoom Meeting Controls
  2. Click the up arrow to the right of the Mute symbol at the far left of the Meeting controls and then select Audio Settings....
    Zoom Audio Settings in Meeting Controls
  3. Use the volume sliders to lower or raise your speaker (what you hear) or microphone (what others hear) levels
    Zoom Volume Sliders in Audio Settings

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Alternate Solution: Adjust Volume Output via the Windows Volume Mixer

If you’re unable to adjust the volume in the Zoom meeting client, then you can always use the Windows volume mixer instead.

Sorry Apple users, I don’t have an iMac to demonstrate the same process for but it should be very similar!

  1. Right click the speaker icon at the bottom right of your computer’s task bar and select Open Volume Mixer
    Windows 10 Volume Mixer in Sound Right Click Menu
  2. Find Zoom in the Volume Mixer and use the slider to lower the volume

    Note: Sometimes 2 Zoom options appear in the volume mixer. Try to turn down (or up) the one with a “bobbing” green bar.
    Zoom Volume Slider in Windows 10 Sound Mixer

47 thoughts on “How to Adjust Volume in a Zoom Meeting”

  1. It makes no sense. I do these exact steps and adjust the sliders but it changes my COMPUTERS volume entirely. I just want to watch a video while in a zoom meeting, but this ain’t it.

  2. zoom really needs to auto-adjust output volume on a PC like it can adjust input volume on a PC. Often different speakers or different shared input have very different volumes. And some of the important speakers are very faint and can’t be understood, there needs to be a way for zoom to compensate, please, please, please

  3. Why do I have to change my whole windows volume or lower the volume in the zoom desktop app but next time entering a meeting it is 100% again. No volumeleel for each user? no savings? WOuld be lovely to have that in-the-app.

  4. Agreed. Explanation missed the entire issue. I know how open my volume mixer and adjust volume. I don’t want to have to adjust it constantly up and down based on who is speaking. We have lots team meetings with participants constantly changing back and forth. We need the Zoom app to determine the volume of each participant and adjust to the same output volume before it hits my computer speakers and ears.

  5. This is ridiculous: the app doesn’t have a volume function!
    All we can do is adjust the sound for our SYSTEM.

    Imagine if your music player or video player didn’t have a volume button, you’d install a different one.

  6. I have a Dell 13 7390, all up to date, every volume setting maxed, inc zoom “bobbing” level. Everything is too soft until the host switches to another app. Then we get our eardrums blasted. My question: Does the host control volume? Is it something on their end?

    • Hi Pearly,

      What do you mean by the host switching to another app? Could you clarify this? Do you mind stating which app they’re switching from and to?

      • I’m not pearly, but have the same issue. I can be on Youtube and the Doobie Brothers are rattling the windows (literally), I switch to zoom, and the volume decreases dramatically even though all settings including Zoom are maxed.

  7. When participating in a ZOOM class the music the instructor plays is loud but her voice is too low to hear. If I turn the system or ZOOM Audio down it adjusts both the music and voice levels. Is there a way to lower the sound of the music and increase the sound of the voice on the web ZOOM application. I use my laptop for the class and not my phone as I need the big picture to see the instructor. I am asking about voice and music separation because a fitness app I use(Down Dog) has a slider to adjust the volume level of the voice or music.

    • Hi Peggy,

      Unfortunately I don’t think this is something Zoom currently supports. The instructor will have to adjust the levels they’re sending to Zoom on their microphone(s).

  8. Zoom needs adjustable levels for each participant. My prof is too quiet but whenever a student asks a question its INCREDIBLY loud and there’s no way to isolate the prof and boost her volume. Its very annoying. Discord is better, zoom sucks.

    • This would also make being in the same room on different computers in the same zoom meeting doable. The echo when in the same room is difficult.

  9. What I hate about the zoom audio is 2 things

    The first “fix” adjusts the entire system volume not just zoom!

    The second issue is that whenever a call starts it blasts itself to max volume and there seems to be no way around this

    • Hi Alex, I’m using samsung tab & couldn’t find the arrow up next to mute icon. And I have the exact problem with others here, in which when the teacher speaks, the voice is too quiet; but when other students speak, they become too loud. What should I do to hear the teacher?

  10. The big problem is with people on phones and I-pads. There seems to be no way for them to lower the input gain of their microphones without also lowering the output gain of what they are listening to.

    • Hi JFL,

      Thanks for commenting. Your question made me wonder about this so I double checked and joined a test meeting from my phone. You are correct, unfortunately you cannot change settings on a phone (and probably ipad, etc.) like you can on the PC.

      Maybe there are system settings that could help with the level of the microphone in meetings?

  11. The normal laptop controls vanish when I try to use them while using zoom, and I don’t understand what you mean by ‘hover over,’ which does not allow any instructions to appear on my screen, so I am just utterly lost, as I usually am with computers.

    • Hi, are you right clicking the speaker icon to open the volume mixer? You can also adjust the volume within the Zoom app itself by clicking the up arrow next to the microphone icon and selecting audio settings.


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