How to Change Your Profile Picture in Microsoft Teams

How to Change Your Profile Picture in Microsoft Teams on Desktop

To change your profile picture in Microsoft Teams, click your current picture at the top right and then select Change picture.

Microsoft Teams Change Profile Picture

The Change Picture Option is Missing! What do I do?

If the Change picture option is missing then your organization may have the option disabled. Try using the web version of Teams to change the picture instead.

Teams might also be pulling your profile picture from your Office 365 profile. Follow the steps below to change your profile picture on your Office 365 profile.

Step 1: Open in your web browser

Step 2: Click your current profile picture at the upper right hand corner and then select My Office profile

Microsoft Delve My Office Profile

Step 3: Click the Upload a new photo button next to your current profile picture now on the left and upload your desired profile picture

Microsoft Delve Upload a New Photo

How to Change Your Profile Image on the Teams Mobile App

These steps should apply to both Android and Apple iOS based devices.

Step 1: From within the Teams mobile app, tap the 3 bars at the upper left hand corner and then tap your current profile picture

Microsoft Teams Mobile App Tap Profile Picture

Step 2: Tap Edit Image under your current profile picture on the next screen and upload a photo from your phone or take one

Microsoft Teams Mobile Edit Image

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