How to Search and Filter Chat History in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has some pretty powerful search options that are incredibly easy to use. Maybe you’re looking to find all messages from a specific sender, or all messages in a certain date range. You’re in luck because Teams can handle it and we’ve got a short guide on how to search chat history in Microsoft Teams.

How to Search Chat Messages

You can search your chat history by using the search bar at the top of Microsoft Teams. Simply search for the content of the message you’re looking for or the name of the sender. Don’t select their name in the search results that appear while typing as this will open a new chat conversation with them, just hit enter or click Search for <name>.

Search for Name in Microsoft Teams

How to Filter Chat History Search Results

Step 1: In the search results on the left hand side of Teams, click the Filter icon

Step 2: Use the fields in the filters menu to narrow down your search and then click the Filter button

Microsoft Teams Filter Window

Microsoft Teams Search Modifiers & Operators

You can also use Keyword Query Language in the Teams search bar if you prefer modifiers over the filter method above. Below are some common modifiers you might find useful. Simply type or copy and paste these into the search bar to use them.

  • “<exact text>”
  • From: <name of person>
  • Sent: <date>
  • In: <channel or group chat name>
  • X AND Y
  • X OR Y
  • X -Y

22 thoughts on “How to Search and Filter Chat History in Microsoft Teams”

  1. useless. i literally leave breadcrumbs for myself in teams so i know what to search for. like if i feel like a conversation may need to be referenced in the future, i’ll just type the topic and the month in there somewhere so it will come up in a search. this is really ridiculous.

  2. Use CTRL-F to start search in a Chat. Then sent:12.05.20 (german date) or sent:6/25/2020 (american).

    Now you see all hits from all people of the chat on the left.

    Not the same like jumping into the chat, but it helps.

    • This doesnt work for me, i just get text where the date is mentioned by one of the participants, but no all chat messages from the given day.

  3. Absolutely useless functionality, perfect if you have low blood pressure.

    Searching for a term gives me a single chat entry. I need the discussion! What’s the point otherwise?

    • Hi,

      Can you give me an example of what you’re searching for? When I perform a search for a term (such as “folder”), the chats appear on the left hand side and clicking them pulls up the full conversation where the term was found.

      I’m unable to replicate what you’ve stated in your comment.

      • If you select any of the chats that appear in the left-hand side after the search, it will only show you that specific chat, not “jump” to it where you’d be able to see the entire conversation that happened around it.

  4. Well, once I do find the concerned chat, how do I see the following responses to the particular chat that I am trying to locate? The search is close to useless if we cant see the follow up

    • Has anyone sorted this out? I agree, just getting the one line of the chat that has the search term in it without the context is useless.

      • in the search bar, you can type things like:
        from:”” received:”yyyy/mm/dd”

        this worked well for me to eventually find what i needed.

  5. I have a chat with 6 people. I know I had a conversation with someone in that chat within a few days after 8/7. Today is 8/24. I could not figure out a way to only search messages in that chat. I could not find a way to filter messages by date range (like 8/7 – 8/10). The filter by messages this month shows the newest messages first, so useless. Out of desperation I ended up scrolling up the chat which seems like it should take a minute. Due to an absurd amount of latency, it took over 20 minutes as I would scroll a few messages at a time and then wait 15-20 seconds for them to load. Maybe there is a better way that I didn’t find? There should be.

  6. How can I control the ORDER for the messages a chat search gives. They come out newest first. I want them oldest first.

  7. How do you search for all conversations on a specific date? Eg April 30, 2020? I can’t figure it out without scrolling for 20 minutes to get to it.


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