How to View County Lines on Google Maps

Google Maps is an informational hub for location-based data that many of us rely on. Whether you’re planning a road trip, or simply looking for directions, Google Maps is oftentimes the go-to tool. With the amount of features that Maps has, it’s really no wonder why. From navigating to your favorite places to creating custom maps with My Maps, it brings a lot to the table. One lesser-known feature of Google Maps, but a useful one, is the ability to view county lines.

How to View a Single County on Google Maps

To view county lines of a single county in Google Maps, simply open Google Maps and search for the county’s name followed by “county”.

The example below shows the results for “Palm Beach County” in Florida. The red line depicts the border of the county.

Google Maps Palm Beach County Line

How to View All Counties on Google Maps

To view all counties of a state in Google Maps, start by searching for the state followed by “counties”.

Maps will show a list of counties on the left with markers for each one on the map. Simply click the county in either the list or the map to view its line.

Use the back button in your browser to view the list of counties again if you wish to view another one.

Google Maps All Counties in Florida

To view multiple county lines all at once, you might try this custom map by Randy Majors. This maps shows all of the county lines that make up each state. You can click a county on the map to find out its name.

2 thoughts on “How to View County Lines on Google Maps”

  1. It’s unfortunate that it’s not an overly within Google maps, we travel all over the county and knowing your county and the surrounding counties is important for weather purpose, also knowing or looking up the emergency services within your county is important in case you need help. I tried Randy Majors tool and it’s a great tool for finding the county you are in, but I am surprised Google maps does not.

    • Hi Russ,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! We absolutely agree, this would be an excellent feature for Google Maps to adapt natively.

      It seems that they already have a large amount of this data available in Google Maps, as seen by using the search queries in the article, so hopefully it’s something they can implement in the future quite easily.


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