How to Find and Manage Your Google Reviews

Reviews are a great way to get a feel for a place before you visit and to let others know about your experience. Google makes this even easier by integrating user reviews with Google Maps. Sometimes though, experiences change and you might want to change your original review of something. You might even consider removing a previous review entirely.

You’ll need to be signed into your Google account to view or manage your own reviews. This tutorial assumes you are signed in, but if not simply sign into your account when prompted.

How do I Find my Google Reviews?


Open the Google Maps app and tap Contribute at the bottom.

Google Maps Mobile App Contribute Button

Tap See your reviews on the screen that appears.

Google Maps Mobile App See my Reviews

Your previous review will appear in a list on the following screen.


Open in your web browser and click the Menu icon (Google Maps Hamburger Icon) at the upper left.

Google Maps Menu Icon

Click Your contributions near the bottom of the menu that appears.

Google Maps Your Contributions

Finally, click the Reviews tab and your previous reviews will be displayed in the list below.

Google Maps My Reviews Button

How do I Edit or Delete my Reviews?

Continuing from the steps above, simply tap the 3 dots next to a review and select Edit review or Delete review.


Google Maps Mobile App Edit or Delete Review


Google Maps Edit or Delete Review

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