How to Remove Labels in Google Maps

Google maps uses labels to show points of interest such as restaurants, shopping centers, and parks. They also serve as informational hubs for hours, directions, and reviews. Normally these labels are helpful, but sometimes you need to see only the map without them. You can remove labels directly in Google Maps when in satellite view but for Map view you’ll have to create your own map with My Maps.

How to Remove Labels from Google Maps

If you need to view a satellite version of the map without labels, you can do so directly in Google Maps.

Open in your browser and click the Menu icon (Google Maps Hamburger Icon) at the upper left.

Google Maps Menu Icon

Click Satellite at the top of the menu to change to satellite view.

Google Maps Satellite View in Menu

Click the same Menu icon again and click Labels on under Satellite to toggle them off.

Google Maps Remove Labels in Satellite View

Remove Labels with Google My Maps

To see a map without labels in map view, you’ll have to create your own map in Google My Maps. It’s a lot easier than that sounds and can actually be done in only a few clicks – here’s how.

You’ll have to sign into your Google account to use My Maps so make sure you’re already signed in or do so when prompted.

Open in your browser and click the Create a new map button at the upper left.

Google My Maps Create a New Map Button

At the bottom of the Untitled map box, click the arrow next to Base map and select either Light Political or Mono City.

Remove Labels Google My Maps

You can save your new map by clicking Untitled map and clicking the Save button.

You can even share, export, download, print, or embed this new map by clicking the 3 dots next to the name and selecting the option you want.

Google My Maps Share Options

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