How to Stop Casting to Chromecast from Android & PC

Google’s Chromecast is a super cool gadget that makes streaming content to your TV a breeze. Sharing videos with friends and family from any device is super convenient and something we love about Chromecast. Getting chromecast to stop casting can be a little confusing for those not sure where to look though. Here’s a short tutorial on how to stop casting from a desktop, laptop, or Android device.

How to Stop Casting to Chromecast from Android

Step 1: Swipe down from the top of your home screen to see all notifications and then tap the small down arrow at the right of the Chromecast notification

Android Chromecast Notification

Step 2: Tap the X at the right of the play button to stop casting

Android Stop Casting to Chromecast Button

You can also stop casting by tapping the cast icon again in whichever app you began casting from and selecting stop / disconnect. This option works well for apps like YouTube and Netflix that have a cast icon built in. If the casting notification fails to appear then try using this method instead.

How to Stop Casting from a Desktop or Laptop

Step 1: Click the blue Cast icon at the upper right corner of Google Chrome

Blue Cast Icon in Google Chrome

Step 2: Click the Stop button next to your Chromecast device

Chromecast Stop Button in Google Chrome

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