How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup

Discord is one of the most popular VOIP / chatting apps out there today. Discord’s user interface, and its ease of use, has helped it to achieve that title. Using Discord is as easy as opening in your web browser.

You can also install Discord on your PC, or even your phone with its mobile app. Generally, it comes ready to go, out the box. There’s a few default settings that frustrate some users though.

By default, Discord opens itself whenever you turn on your PC. While minor, this can feel a bit intrusive, and is almost as frustrating as Discord minimizing to the system tray instead of closing by default.

Thankfully, changing these settings is incredibly easy. In this article, we’ll show you how to stop Discord from opening on startup.

How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup

You can stop discord from opening on startup directly in Discord. Simply navigate to Windows / Mac settings in user preferences and toggle off the Open Discord setting.

  1. In Discord, click the Gear icon in the lower left corner next to your Avatar.
    Discord Settings Icon
  2. Click Windows Settings (or Mac Settings on Mac) in the menu at the left under App Settings.
    Discord Windows Settings in User Settings
  3. Click the Toggle icon next to Open Discord to stop it from opening on startup.
    Discord Toggle Icon Next to Open Discord in Windows Settings

Stop Discord from Opening by Disabling it in System Startup

Another way to stop discord from opening on startup is to disable it in your system’s startup processes.


  1. Open the Windows Task Manager. You can open Task Manager by right clicking your Taskbar and selecting Task Manager or by simply hitting Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard.
    Task Manager in Taskbar Right Click Menu
  2. If Task Manager is in “fewer details mode”, click More details at the bottom left.
    More Details in Windows 10 Task Manager
  3. Click the Startup tab, locate and select Discord, then finally click the Disable button. You can also right click Discord and select Disable.
    Discord in Windows 10 Task Manager Startup Tab Selected with Disable Button Highlighted


  1. Open System Preferences from either the Dock bar or the Apple icon menu in the upper left corner.
    Mac OSX System Preferences in Apple Menu
  2. Click Users & Groups.
    Mac OSX Users and Groups in System Preferences
  3. Select the User under Current User and then click the Login Items tab.
    Mac OSX Login Items Tab in Users and Groups
  4. Locate Discord and uncheck the checkbox to the left of it to disable it on startup.


How you disable startup processes in Linux is heavily dependent on which distro and desktop environment you’re using. Here’s two great resources for configuring startup processes in Gnome and KDE.

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