How to Link Your Twitch Account to Discord

Linking your Twitch account to your Discord account has a lot of benefits for both streamers and viewers.

Steamers are able to create special subscriber roles in their Discord servers and allow viewers with linked Twitch accounts to use their custom Twitch emotes in Discord. Subscribers can also be labeled with special colors, and other cool things.

Viewers are able to see a list of who they’re subscribed to and the sub-enabled Discord servers they’re a part of. They’re also be able to display their Twitch account on their user profile in Discord. Here’s how to link your Twitch and Discord Accounts.

How to Link your Twitch and Discord Accounts

  1. In Discord, click the gear icon next to your name at the lower left corner.
    Discord gear icon user settings
  2. Click Connections under User Settings at the upper left hand corner.
    Discord Connections tab in User Settings
  3. Click the Twitch icon under Connections.
    Discord Twitch Icon in Connections Box
  4. In the browser window that opens, click the Authorize button to finish linking your Twitch account to Discord (Make sure you’re logged into Twitch)
    Authorize Button in Twitch Discord Authorization Notice

If you receive a failure message after clicking Authorize, try connecting again. We received a failure message the first time we tried but it worked the second time.

Unlinking a Twitch Account from Discord

  1. Navigate back to the Connections option in your Discord User settings (Gear icon next to your username > Connections)
  2. Click the X at the right of your linked Twitch account and then click the Disconnect button
    Unlink Twitch Account from Discord

Deauthorizing Discord

To completely disconnect your Twitch and Discord accounts you’ll also need to deauthorize Discord in Twitch.

  • Open Twitch in your browser, sign in, and navigate to the Settings page.
  • Click the Connections tab and scroll down to the Other Connections section
  • Click the Disconnect button to the right of Discord

Before you go!

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