How to Make an AFK Channel in Discord

Anyone that spends time in Discord knows that people need to leave their computer often. Sometimes though, we end up AFK longer than we were expecting. This results in a channel that looks active but is actually just full of mostly AFK people. It’s even worse when the person forgets to mute their mic before leaving. Luckily, Discord provides a way to automatically detect people that are away and move them to their own channel. Here’s how to make an AFK channel in Discord.

You’ll have to be the server owner or have administrative privileges to make an AFK channel.

How to Create & Setup an AFK Channel in Discord

Step 1: Open Discord, and join your server

Step 2: Create a new channel by clicking the + symbol next to Voice Channels or Text Channels

Discord Create New Channel Button

Step 3: Change the Channel Type to Voice Channel, type a name for the channel (AFK), and then click the Create Channel button

Discord Create AFK Channel

Once created, the channel will appear under Voice Channels.

Step 4: Click the name of your server at the top left, above all your channels, and then click Server Settings in the menu that appears

Discord Server Settings Option

Step 5: In the Overview tab (default), scroll to the AFK section and set the AFK Channel to the channel you just created and the AFK Timeout to whatever you like

Discord Make Channel AFK Channel

The AFK Timeout setting determines how long a user needs to be AFK before they’re moved to the AFK channel. We recommend 15 or 30 minutes.

Step 6: Make sure you save your changes by clicking the Save Changes button (only appears after a setting has been changed)

Discord Save Changes Notification

Final Thoughts

You should now have a functioning AFK channel in your Discord server. You can test that it’s working by idling for the time you specified in the settings Considering decking out your server even more? Check out our article on the best Discord music bots and how to add them.

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    • Same with me but I have windows, and yeah, this does work, but when I click the ‘save changes’ button, it doesn’t save the changes and the ‘save changes’ button is still there with the bar thing that pops up?
      It’s wierd.


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