How to see Recently Played With in Steam (Desktop & Mobile)

Friends make everything better, and video games are no exception! Thankfully, Steam has a number of features to help players find friends that play similar games as them.

“Recently played with” is just one of these features that, as the name suggests, helps players find other people they’ve recently played the same game with. In this article, we’ll show you how to find people you’ve recently played with on Steam.

How to View Recently Played with on Steam


  1. Within the Steam desktop client, click Friends & Chat in the lower right corner.
    Steam Friends and Chat Button
  2. Click the Add a friend icon to the right of Friends in the Friends window.
    Steam Add a Friend Icon in Friends Window
  3. Back in the main Steam client, and in menu at the left, click Recently Played With.
    Steam Recently Played With in Menu on Add Friend Page

The pane at the right will now show Steam profiles of the people you’ve recently played with, and the games you’ve played together.


  1. In the Steam mobile app, tap the Hamburger menu icon in the upper left corner and select Friends.
    Steam Mobile App Hamburger Menu Icon and Friends Option in Hamburger Menu
  2. In the Friends screen that appears, tap the Your Friends dropdown and select Recently Played With.
    Steam Mobile App Recently Played With in Your Friends Dropdown Menu

Those you’ve recently played with, their Steam profiles, and they games you’ve played with them will now appear in a list.

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