How to Turn off Dynamic Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy S21

Dynamic Lock Screen, first introduced with the Galaxy S10 series, has made its way to Samsung’s newest line of S21 devices. It’s a neat little feature that simply rotates through different wallpapers on your lock screen.

Those who prefer a familiar lock screen might want to turn this setting off. Thankfully, Samsung has made disabling this feature incredibly easy – here’s how.

How to Disable Dynamic Lock Screen on the Samsung Galaxy S21

  1. Open the Settings app on your S21.
  2. Tap Wallpaper and then Wallpaper services.
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Wallpaper Services in Settings
  3. Tap None under the Dynamic Lock Screen option.
    Samsung Galaxy S21 None Option in Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpaper Services

How to Turn off the Left Swipe Dynamic Lock Screen Info Page on the Samsung Galaxy S21

When unlocking the Galaxy S21, you may have noticed an informational page appearing when you swipe from the left. It can be quite annoying to say the least, especially when you need to unlock your phone quickly. Thankfully, you can disable this info page too!

  1. Left swipe on your lock screen so that the Dynamic Lock Screen info page appears.
  2. Tap the More wallpaper services button at the bottom.
    Samsung Galaxy S21 More Wallpaper Services Button on Dynamic Lock Screen Info Page
  3. Tap the Toggle icon next to Swipe left for info page to disable it.
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Swipe Left Toggle Icon on Wallpaper Services Screen

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