Chrome Missing the Address Bar? Here’s How to Fix it

If Google Chrome appears to be missing the address bar, try following the steps below to restore it.

The Address bar Might be Hidden by Full Screen Mode

Many browsers, including Google Chrome, allow you to full screen web pages. It’s extremely easy to accidentally press the button and end up with a “missing” address bar.

Just hit F11 on your keyboard to exit full screen. You can also move your mouse to the top of the window and click the X circle that appears.

Chrome Address bar Missing Exit Full Screen Button

Google Chrome Might not be Responding

It’s possible that Chrome has locked up and will need to be stopped in the Task Manager.

Step 1: Open the Task Manager with Ctrl + Alt + Del or right click the task bar and select Start Task Manager

Task Manager in Right Click Menu

Step 2: In the Processes tab, locate Google Chrome under Apps and click it

Google Chrome in Task Manager

Step 3: Click the End task button (this should close Chrome)

Relaunch Chrome and see if the address bar is no longer missing.

Restore Address bar by Reinstalling Google Chrome

Your Google Chrome installation might have somehow become corrupt. Reinstalling the application should reset everything to default and restore any corrupt files.

Step 1: Click the Start button and type Add or remove programs then click the Add or remove programs setting

Windows Start Menu Add or Remove Programs

Step 2: Locate Google Chrome, Click it, and then click the Uninstall button

Add or Remove Program Uninstall Google Chrome

Step 3: Download and reinstall Google Chrome by following the on screen prompts

5 thoughts on “Chrome Missing the Address Bar? Here’s How to Fix it”

  1. Its a joke! How come on OSX we have an option for this “Show address bar in fullscreenm mode”? Did windows dev forgot this?

  2. We were flummoxed by what we now know is called “Full Screen Mode.” We got there by accident, so had no idea how to get out. A friend searched for “Chrome tabs disappeared.” “Tabs no longer visible.” “Address bar and tabs are gone.” So, of course, not using the precise terminology yielded zero helpful responses. Until we landed on YOUR site! You KNEW what we were looking for! We hit F11 and presto everything reappeared!!
    Bless you! Thank you!

    • Hi Patrick,

      If you sign into Google Chrome with a Google account then those things should sync up with your account. Once you sign in again after re-installing, it should automatically pull them down for you.


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