How to See What Groups Your Friends are in on Facebook

Facebook groups are a great way for people with similar interests to get together and discuss a topic they’re passionate about. They’re also great for meeting new people and involving yourself in a community of other like-minded individuals.

When looking for a group to join, you might be unsure of where to even start. Like many things in life though, your friends might be able to help! In Facebook, you can see all of the groups your friends are members of – here’s how.

How to Find Groups Your Friends are in on Facebook

You can find Facebook groups your friends are members of in the Groups page on Facebook. Here’s how from the Facebook website on your PC, or in the Android / iOS mobile app:


  1. Open the Facebook mobile app and sign into your account.
  2. Tap the 3 bars in the upper right corner and then tap the Groups button.
    Facebook Mobile App Groups Button in Hamburger Menu
  3. Tap Discover at the top of the Groups screen.
    Facebook Mobile App Discover Tab on Groups Screen
  4. Scroll down to the Friend’s Groups section (you may have to scroll far) and tap See All.
    Facebook Mobile App See All in Friends Group Section on Groups Screen

Groups your friends are in will be displayed in a list on the following screen. Tap the name of the group to learn more about it, or tap the Join button to join the group.


  1. Open in any web browser and sign into your account.
  2. Click Groups in the menu at the far left of Facebook.
    Facebook Groups Button in Left Menu
  3. On the Groups page, click See more in the Friend’s Groups box at the far right.
    Facebook Friends Group Tab on Groups Page

Groups your friends have joined will be listed on this page. Simply click the group’s tile to learn more about it, or click the Join Group button to join it.

Finding Which Groups a Particular Friend is in on Facebook

There’s some articles out there that suggest that you can use Facebook’s Graph Search to find groups particular friends are in. Unfortunately, these articles are outdated as Facebook has largely removed Graph Search’s functionality due to privacy concerns. It’s no longer possible to list all groups a certain friend is a member of.

You can see the members of a group though, and which friends have joined, as long as the group is public:

  1. Use the method above to find groups your friends are members of.
  2. Click or tap the name of the group to see the group’s page.
  3. On mobile, tap See All in the upper right of the About section and then See All to the right of Members. On Desktop, click the More tab and then Members.

Which friends are a member of this group will be displayed on the following page.

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  1. What a bummer to find a article that seems so promising and apparently FB has changed the algorithm yet again so this does not exist or work. Bummer


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