How to Disable Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a ton of built in keyboard shortcuts that are usually quite handy. Ctrl + T opens a new tab, Ctrl + D bookmarks a page, and (our favorite) Ctrl + Shift + T restores closed tabs. With Chrome’s extensive list of shortcuts, you might find yourself accidentally activating some of them while typing. If this is something that happens often, you might consider disabling those trouble causing shortcuts. Unfortunately Chrome doesn’t support this functionality out of the box, but there is an awesome extension that makes it easy to disable keyboard shortcuts.

How to Disable Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, open the Disable keyboard shortcuts page on the extension store and add the extension to Chrome (Add to Chrome button).

Disable Keyboard Shortcuts Chrome Extension Add to Chrome Button
Chrome Add Extensions Confirmation Box

Copy and paste the below into the address bar at the top of Chrome (and hit Enter) to configure the extension and start disabling shortcuts.

Chrome Configure Disable Keyboard Shortcuts Extension URL

Scroll down to the Disable keyboard shortcuts extension and click one of the Type a shortcut fields.

Perform the shortcut key combination you wish to disable (for example, hit Ctrl + D on your keyboard after selecting one of the fields).

The below is an example where the Ctrl + D keyboard shortcut has been disabled.

Chrome Ctrl D Shortcut Disabled

That’s it! Any shortcut combination you add to these fields will no longer activate when pressed.

Happy typing!

You can remove this extension at any time by navigating to chrome://extensions/ in your browser.

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