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How to add a signature in Outlook 2013

Having a signature in your outbound emails is a great way to let the receiver know the best methods for contacting you and any other information you may want to share. Outlook 2013 offers an easy way to append a signature every time you create a new email and this guide is here to show you how to set it up.

How to add a signature in Outlook 2013

Step 1: Click the New Email button under the Home tab in the upper left hand corner.

Outlook 2013 ribbon new email highlighted

Step 2: Click the Signature button in the ribbon of the Message tab of the new email and select the Signatures... option.

Outlook 2013 signature button

This will display the Signatures and Stationery window.

Step 3: If the box under Select signature to edit is empty, click the New button. If you already have an entry here, skip creating a new one.

Outlook 2013 signatures box

Step 4: Type a name for your signature, something generic like Standard should be fine.

Outlook 2013 create new signature box

Step 5: Select the newly created signature’s name in the Select signature to edit box (it should have a blue background).

Outlook 2013 select signature by name

Step 6: Use the box under Edit signature to create your new signature.

Outlook 2013 edit signature box

Step 7: Click the Save button in the box under Select signature to edit and then the Ok button at the far lower right when you’re finished.

Outlook 2013 save edited signature

To verify that you’ve added the signature correctly, simply start a new email. It should show up at the bottom of it.

Outlook 2013 new email example signature

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