How to Rotate a PDF in Google Drive

When PDFs are uploaded to Google Drive, they keep the same orientation they had when they were created. This usually happens when you’re dealing with a lot of PDFs created with a scanner. Without rotating them, they can be difficult to read in digital format.

If you’re constantly turning your head to view PDFs in Google Drive, then you (and your neck) will benefit from learning how to rotate a PDF in Google Drive.

How to View a Rotated Version of a PDF in Google Drive

In Google Drive, preview the PDF you wish to rotate by double clicking it.

Google Drive Example PDF in Drive

Click the Print icon in the upper right corner.

Google Drive Print Icon in PDF Preview Window

In the print preview window, right click anywhere in the PDF and select Rotate clockwise or Rotate counterclockwise. This step might vary depending on which web browser you’re using but most browsers support similar functionality.

Google Chrome Print Preview Window with Rotate Options Highlighted in Right Click Menu

How to Permanently Rotate a PDF in Google Drive

To permanently rotate a PDF in Google Drive, you need to re-create the PDF itself. Luckily, you can save a new version of the PDF using Microsoft Print to PDF and then re-upload the corrected copy.

Use the steps in the section above to preview the PDF you wish to rotate, and rotate it to the correct orientation.

After rotating in the print preview window, click the Print icon in the upper right corner again.

Google Chrome Print Button in Print Preview Window

Change the Destination printer to Microsoft Print to PDF and then click the Print button (Ignore the second print preview’s orientation). If you don’t see Microsoft Print to PDF, you may need to install it on your system first.

Google Chrome Print Preview Destination Field with Microsoft Print to PDF in Dropdown Menu

Save the PDF anywhere on your computer, like the Desktop. Open the PDF and make sure that it’s now in the correct orientation.

Finally, upload this version to your Google Drive replacing the old.

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