How to Add a New Calendar to Google Calendar

Keeping your calendar organized is a good idea, especially if you manage more than one. Things can easily get out of hand with a busy schedule and all of your events jammed into a single calendar. Separating events by calendar can help keep things neat. This is especially useful for something like importing existing calendars. Here’s how to add a new calendar to Google Calendar.

How to Create a New Calendar in Google Calendar

Step 1: Open in your web browser

Step 2: Click the + symbol to the right of Other calendars at the left side of Google Calendar

Google Calendar Other Calendars Add Button

Step 3: Click Create new calendar in the add other calendars menu

Google Calendar Add New Calendar

Step 4: Create a name and description for the calendar, select the time zone, and finally click Create calendar

Google Calendar Create New Calendar Form

Your new calendar should now show up under My calendars at the left hand side.

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