How to enable the apps button on the Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung users upgrading to the Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, Note or Note+ might notice a minor difference in how they access their apps drawer. Instead of using a button to access it, you now use a swipe up gesture. This is one of the features of Samsung’s One UI, a software overlay designed to “make things simpler, clearer and easier to use”. One of the ways it does this is by removing a lot of clutter, which happens to include the apps button. Luckily for those that prefer using the apps button, Samsung has provided a setting to enable and disable it on your home screen.

How to enable the apps button on the Samsung Galaxy s10, s10+, Note, and Note+

Step 1: From your home screen, swipe up to access the apps drawer

galaxy s10 android pie home swipe up

Step 2: locate the Settings app

Samsung Galaxy s10 apps drawer

Step 3: Tap the Display option

Samsung Galaxy s10 settings display highlighted

Step 4: Scroll down to locate the Home screen option and tap it

Samsung Galaxy s10  display settings home screen highlighted

Step 5: Tap the Apps button option to enable the apps shortcut icon

Samsung Galaxy s10 home screen settings apps button highlighted

Go back to your home screen and you should now see the newly created apps button as shown in the image below. Tapping this button should open your app drawer exactly like previous Samsung devices did in the past.

Samsung Galaxy s10 apps button on home screen

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